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Sheikh Shipping Lines Limited (SSLL) was established on 30 October 2016, as a sister company of SB Group. It specializes in dry cargo transportation with a modern business model. In addition of working with our sister company Sheikh Brothers in importing their goods to Bangladesh, SSLL also rents out ships to outside companies to assist with their shipping demands.

Shipping and logistics services are currently one of the most important service industries in the world. Among all sectors, maritime transport accounts for more than 80% of total world trade. The distribution of raw materials, sourcing, security, transportation, on-time delivery of all goods, etc. are now fundamental requirements of international trade & shipping services make global trade easy and effective. After starting the journey in 2016, within a year SSLL started to transport bulk goods with 5 lighter vessels successfully. In the years since, the company has added 30 more lighter vessels with steady growth year on year. We are now providing both inland and Indo-Bangla protocol route transportation.

SSLL imports from various respected Bangladeshi companies’ products such as wheat, lentils, white beans, chickpeas, coal, fertilizer, stone, limestone, clinker, etc. Goods are meticulously transported from the ports of Chattogram, Mongla and Paira to various locations across the country. We have our own shipyard by the Meghna River where we provide repairing, maintenance and docking services.

Establishing supply chain management, safe maintenance, and successful importation of bulk goods and raw materials from SB Group were key parts of this project. With a motto of ensuring logistic network supply chain development, responsibility, and communication, Sheikh Shipping Lines Limited keeps going rapidly. Our company feels responsible to offer customized strategies to solve problems and move forward through effective distribution networks. With a strong commitment to complete 100 vessels by 2030, Sheikh Shipping Lines Ltd. industry is making progress in the country through hard work and strong dedication.


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